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Peruvian Travertine

The best and most dense travertine in the world

Travertine from the Andes Mountains at over 12,000+ feet above sea level.  It is due to the high elevations of our quarries that the Travertine from Peru is so compact and with minimal holes and voids, unlike what you would see in the Mexican and Turkish Travertines in today's market place. 

The tectonic plates of the Andes Mountains have been pushed upward for millions of years, where the friction, heat, and pressure has made Peruvian Travertine some of the best and most dense Travertine in the world.  Due to its high concentration of Calcium Carbonate, Peruvian Travertine has become one of the most reliable and stable natural stones in the industry, being used in applications never before even considered as possible with natural stone and man-made products

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